Pipelines Provide Safe and Reliable Energy: It Is Time Activists Realize This

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Yesterday, DeSmog Blog put out false and misleading information about pipelines and refused to talk about the benefits they provide to Canadians.  Canadian pipeline systems are amongst the safest and most innovative in the world.  Instead of standing in the way, if DeSmog Blog really wanted to make a difference, they would encourage the construction of new pipelines and they would encourage the exporting of Canadian hydrocarbons to stop carbon leakage.


It is time we start questioning the motives of these activists who block the construction of pipelines. Why are these activists against Canadians and the rest of the world benefiting from reliable energy? Why do they stand in the way of progress? Why do they want higher global emissions?  Why do they not want Canadians to have safe and affordable energy?


Pipelines help provide natural gas to heat homes, the materials needed to manufacture medical devices, and the energy needed for families to visit one another.   Pipelines have helped us live longer and have made life better.  We need to make life even better by building more pipelines.


Let’s look at the FACTS:




  • The industry is constantly inspecting pipelines to ensure that they are still in shape to continue transporting reliable energy.



Instead of blocking and attacking new oil and gas infrastructure, these anti-Canadian hydrocarbon groups should be ecstatic about our industry’s commitment to making Canadian’s lives and the environment better. These activist groups need to stop acting irresponsibly and stop trying to prevent our resources from making the world better.

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