Petition by to Censor The Internet Ignores Energy Reality

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As if we don’t already have enough problems with net neutrality, has launched a petition that attacks Facebook for allowing equal opportunity to distribute online content by the hydrocarbon industry. This is a blatant attempt to use the internet to censor the internet.

As usual, the claims made by are hypocritical and ignore the benefits they receive from energy, including being able to use the internet. Hydrocarbons have allowed groups like Facebook AND to flourish online. We appreciate that they are reliable and repeat customers of the oil and gas industry, but could do without them being censors and hypocrites.

We are confident that if allowed to tell our story, people will support responsible energy use. Obviously, is worried about us telling our factual story and believe the best way to stop people from questioning their myths is to censor what they can read. We do not agree, we think net-neutrality is the best approach for the facts to come out. We don’t think censorship is the way to make stop spreading false and misleading information and they shouldn’t stand in the way of us telling people the truth and facts about the benefits of hydrocarbons.

Here are some FACTS:

  • Freedom of Speech is an important human right.

  • The oil and gas industry supports an all of the above approach for our global energy diet because it’s needed to reduce emissions and have reliability.

While groups like continue to push a future without reliable energy, the oil and gas industry powers their servers, computers, and smartphones. We even make it possible for them to pass on their misinformation on Facebook.



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