Misleading information about the oil and gas industry should be called out more often.

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This is a news compilation setting the record straight on the day’s top stories about the oil and gas industry.


News Headline:


‘Intimidating:’ Alberta’s energy war room singles out climate campaigner


The Facts:

The Canadian Energy Centre was founded to call out misinformation, the exact type they wrote about in their story.



Saturday, the National Post republished a story from the Canadian Press suggesting that the newly minted Canadian Energy Centre was attempting to intimidate an anti-hydrocarbon activist. The story was brought on due to story the Energy Centre wrote in-regards to a presentation for the 3% Project. A key issue the Energy Centre touched on was the presentation’s use of reports showing tens of billions in subsidies to the oil and gas industry. This kind of classroom activism is becoming more prevalent as anti-hydrocarbon campaigners are now targeting children to push their messaging.

However, a more balanced presentation would have also included information like this:

The oil and gas industry is not only one of the largest industries in Canada, but it is also one of the largest contributors to taxes, the economy and green technology. If ‘activists’ are going to continue entering classrooms and presenting biased and misleading information about the oil and gas industry, they should be called out more often.

News Headline: 


New year, new carbon tax: What Albertans need to know


The Facts:


Feds Carbon Tax will be same as previous tax under NDP. Here’s what that could mean for emissions and the economy:

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