Media Review – September 4th, 2019: Trans Mountain In Court Again

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Here are today’s top stories about the oil and gas industry, and how Canadian hydrocarbons make Canada and the world better!


Media Review



News Headline: 


Federal court allows half of Trans Mountain pipeline legal challenges to proceed


The Facts:


Today, Canada’s Federal Court of Appeal agreed to hear 6 appeals to block the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion

Blocking projects like Trans Mountain not only harms Canadian progress but actually increases global emissions. Canada has a major carbon advantage due to our incredible technology and standards. Sadly, this truth is ignored by activists who often block projects for ideological reasons more than environmental ones.

Here are some reasons why blocking Trans Mountain is a bad idea:

Instead of blocking every project, activists could help Canada improve the global environment by supporting projects proven to have fewer impacts than our global competition.



More Stories


News Headline: 


Activists stage mass ‘die in’ as oil and gas conference kicks off.


The Facts: 


People are dying right now from energy poverty.


News Headline:



David Suzuki: Fracked gas heats the planet, but supporters say it’s a solution


The Facts:


The studies cited by this renowned ‘environmentalist’ have been debunked multiple times.


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