Media Review: New report by Center for Policy Alternatives chides standard industry practices to demand a rapid decline in oil and gas.

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This is a news compilation setting the record straight on the day’s top stories about the oil and gas industry.


Yesterday the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives (CCPA), a biased anti-hydrocarbon think tank, released a report called Big Oil’s Political Reach: Mapping Fossil Fuel Lobbying From Harper to Trudeau detailing advocacy efforts by the oil and gas industry. This report attempts to portray business-as-usual activities as a nefarious attempt by oil and gas companies to influence government policy.  All industries promote the positive contributions they make to society and the economy.  Oil and gas companies have the same right to communicate the benefits they bring.

This report follows the same activist line of demanding a rapid decline in the use of Canadian fossil fuels.  It ignores that anti-Canadian hydrocarbon groups spend much more on political activities than industry.  Much of this money comes from foreign sources to groups who ironically don’t protest poorer performing foreign competitors to Canada.

Here are some of the facts on advocacy efforts of anti-Canadian hydrocarbon groups:

Canadians know that the oil and gas industry is the best in its class especially when it comes to environmental, social and governance-related matters. It’s a shame the CCPA continues to drag down a pillar of Canadian society for cheap points for its donors.

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News Headline: 

First Nation and environmental groups seek leave to appeal Trans Mountain pipeline ruling.

The Facts:



Foreign-funded environmental groups keep trying to stop Trans Mountain.





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