Media Review – August 28th, 2019

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Here are today’s top stories about the oil and gas industry, and how Canadian hydrocarbons make Canada and the world better!


Media Review


As Election Nears, Canada’s Biggest Oil Firm Is Noticeably Quiet.
Foreign Funded ‘News’ Organization The Tyee Still Claims Oil Industry Influencing Election.


Today, foreign-funded ‘news’ organization The Tyee reiterated its anti-Canadian hydrocarbon stance by putting out more allegations that the Conservative party is in the pockets of a select group of oil and gas companies.

Clearly The Tyee is pandering to its donor bias and would rather see our Canadian resource advantage be kept in the ground than contribute to a better environment and world.

Obviously they are trying to turn the tyeeds of the election.

Here are some quick facts about The Tyee:

With the vast amount of innovation, technology, and spending on the environment, its hard to see why the Tyee would be against an industry that can reduce global emissions.


More Stories


AUMA to consider resolution calling for support of Alberta’s energy industry.
Urban Municipalities are standing up against foreign-funded activists.

Government of Canada Establishes Canadian Centre for Energy Information
They need to promote Canada’s hydrocarbon advantage and not use taxpayer money to promote a phase-out of Canadian resource development.

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