Media Review – August 12th, 2019

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Elon Musk calls gas-powered cars a ‘passing fad’: ‘They look cool in a museum’.

Except he ignores reality of energy and EV demand


-Electric cars only represent about 0.004% of the total 1.2 Billion vehicles on the road today. EV’s are only forecasted to represent 2.5% of total vehicles by 2035.

-Canada produces and exports a lot of refined petroleum products like gasoline, powering vehicles and making life better.

Op-Ed:  Why Big Oil fears being put on trial for climate change.

Judge ignores important benefits of fossil fuels.


-Many environmental activist organizations in Canada have also been pushing cities to sue oil and gas companies for ‘climate change’ reparations. Ineffectively, these suits do not help with climate change, but prevent companies from making a difference. The oil and gas industry in Canada is the largest spender on the environment.

-Since the adoption of oil and gas in Canada, our air quality has increased exponentially, keeping Canadians healthy.

Experts to advise Ottawa as it consults First Nations that want stake in TMX.

Despite misleading claims, Indigenous groups overwhelmingly support resource development.

-Multiple competing Indigenous groups want a stake in the Trans Mountain Pipeline. This will help end on-reserve poverty and provide much more benefits for Canada’s First Nations.

Canada well-placed to meet world’s growing energy demands.

More Canada, With Our High Standards, Means A Better Quality of Life For Everyone.


-Canada is a leading exporter in oil and gas that help produce reliable energy which its use has been shown to improve overall quality of life.

-It has been proven that Canada has a carbon advantage when it comes to our industries, and producing more of our resources can help reduce emissions.

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