Media Review: Anti-Canadian Hydrocarbon Report Disguised As A Call For Regulatory Overhaul.

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Here are today’s top stories about the oil and gas industry, and how Canadian hydrocarbons make Canada and the world better!

Media Review

Group wants new agency to oversee oil and gas industry in British Columbia
Anti-Canadian hydrocarbon report disguised as a call for regulatory overhaul.

Yesterday, the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) released a report claiming that the B.C. Oil and Gas Commission was controlled by the industry. This was just another hit piece against the industry and as always, concluded by calling for the end of hydrocarbons.

 The author, Ben Parfitt works for the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives, a biased left-wing think tank that has been shown to use faulty calculations and misinformation in their reports. The CCPA is part of the Corporate Mapping Project, a research initiative attempting to discredit the industry by spreading claims like “fracking contaminates groundwater”.

 Here are some facts about B.C.’s oil and gas industry.

Canadians and the world can be confident that the Canadian energy is doing its best to protect the environment. In fact, it is the oil and gas industry that supports the environment with the most funding and technology. 

It is far more likely that the center for policy alternatives is controlled by their donors and biased ideology than the ludicrous allegation that the NDP – Green Coalition Government of BC is controlled by the oil and gas industry. Instead of trying to end Canadian hydrocarbon development, the CCPA should celebrate the industry’s commitment to a better world.


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