Media Review : $2 Million More Dollars of Foreign Funding

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Here are today’s top stories about the oil and gas industry, and how Canadian hydrocarbons make Canada and the world better!


News Headline:

B.C. environmentalist receives $2M climate award

The Facts:

$2 Million more dollars of foreign funding going towards anti-Canadian hydrocarbon campaign.

It was announced yesterday that anti-Canadian hydrocarbons campaigner, Tzeporah Berman was awarded $2 million dollars from an organization called the Climate Breakthrough Project. Not surprisingly, this organization is funded and supported by the Packard Foundation, an anti-Canadian hydrocarbons foundation from the U.S. that has been a major funder of the “Tar Sands Campaign”.

Here are some facts about Tzeporah Berman and the Packard Foundation:

Instead of funding anti-Canadian hydrocarbon activism, these foundations should be funding Canada’s technological advantage and promoting the benefits of emissions reduction by using Canadian hydrocarbons.


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News Headline: 

Balancing act: Majorities say both climate action, oil & gas growth should be top priorities for next government.

The Facts: 

Canada can take climate action and make oil and gas a top priority by exporting our environmental carbon advantages.

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