In The News – July 29th, 2019

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 Here are some of today’s top news stories about the oil and gas industry and how to talk about them.

Story: Environmental concerns could dash Teck’s hopes of building massive oilsands mine

But this investment could help spur new spending for the oil and gas industry.

Key Points:

-Even though traditional oil sands mining produces emissions, emissions per barrel have decreased over 12% since 2005 and continue to drop.


-Teck’s projections point out that the mine would only contribute 4Mt of emissions. Still keeping well below the 100Mt Cap Alberta

Story: OPINION | Greens’ climate plan adds up to Mission: Improbable
Here are some more reasons why this probably wouldn’t work.

Key Points:

-The energy density of renewables like wind and solar is lower than those of traditional fuels like natural gas. This means that there will need to be a lot of wind and solar panels to generate enough electricity to meet demand. This can have implications for land use and public policy.

-There are also issues with storage capacity: Currently, the $5 billion Tesla “Gigafactory” in Nevada is the world’s biggest battery manufacturing facility. But its total annual production could only around store three minutes’ worth of annual U.S. electricity demand.


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