Exporting Our Hydrocarbon Advantage Can Fight Climate Change

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This morning, anti-Canadian hydrocarbon groups dropped off 45 000 signatures to the CBC’s national headquarters to pressure them into hosting a climate change focused debate. What they should be doing instead is focusing on how we can actively reduce global emissions by producing and exporting our resource advantages. It would be more effective to focus on proven ways that Canada can actually reduce global emissions.

We are among the world’s top producers of hydrocarbons and have one of the largest reserves of this precious resource known to man. Hydrocarbons produce an incredible amount of energy that helps power our daily lives, and they are also extremely reliable.  What is even better is that it has been shown that Canada can reduce global emissions by producing hydrocarbons under the highest environmental regulation. Climate change is a global issue, so it only makes sense that we take a global approach to solving it.

Here is why we should have a debate about exporting our advantages:

Canada has an obligation to make life better for Canadians and should be leading the world at reducing global emissions. If we can export our products, which are being produced with the cleanest technology and lower emissions, Canada can make the biggest impact and do its part for the environment.


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