‘Divestment’ does nothing to fight climate change.

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This is a news compilation setting the record straight on the day’s top stories about the oil and gas industry.

News Headline:

Trudeau: Biggest wealth fund blacklisting Canadian oil a part of climate change fight

The Facts:

 ‘Divestment’ does nothing to fight climate change.

Here are some stories that get it right, or mostly right.

Column: Useful idiots? May and Blanchet may be handy tools, but they then forfeit any claim to the environmentalist designation

Terry Etam lays down the law on Elizabeth May and Yves Blanchet for being ‘useful idiots’ for the broader anti-oil and gas movement.

This quotes sums it up:

“A true environmentalist seeks to reduce, reuse, recycle; to limit their footprint. They plant trees and gardens and help clean up garbage and fight for cleaner air and less pollution and more preservation of natural habitat. They don’t hold new conferences to declare imbecilic and inflammatory falsehoods like “oil is dead” when it is obvious to all that it is not.”

Have You Seen This?

The Canadian Taxpaxers Federation found in their new report that while countries across the world have lowered or frozen their carbon taxes. Canada is the only country in the world that has increased the carbon tax by 50%.

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