Despite the pandemic, oil and gas demand is already bouncing back.

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This is a news compilation setting the record straight on the day’s top anti-oil and gas stories and providing research and facts to counter misinformation about the oil and gas industry.

News Headline:

The oil-sands fundamentals are dire and stark – and Canada should not spend to revive a dying dream

Anti-oil and gas activist OpEd about ditching oil sands leaves out oil demand and major cost reduction of oil sands production.

The Facts:

Despite the pandemic, oil and gas demand is already bouncing back.


Here are some stories that get it right, or mostly right.

I’m an Indigenous woman who works in Alberta’s oil sands – and I can speak for myself

Estella Petersen is a member of Cowessess First Nation explains that she is tired of activists and politician speaking for Indigenous peoples when they can perfectly author their own opinions. This is especially relevant when it comes to Indigenous peoples and the oil and gas industry. She notes that most perceptions of the industry are unwarranted and that it has given her an opportunity to better life. She sees Canada’s resource sector as a great place to create opportunities for Indigenous people and doesn’t want to see those jobs taken away.

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