Canadian oil and gas will be part of Canada’s recovery.

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This is a news compilation setting the record straight on the day’s top stories about the oil and gas industry.

News Headline:

Solving climate crisis requires more than a carbon tax: Checklist for a green and just recovery.

(Greenpeace Canada plan for ‘Green’ economic recovery is just a manifesto to get rid of the oil and gas industry)

The Facts:

We need industries like oil and gas that generate high paid jobs, taxes and foreign exchange for a real recovery.

Here are some stories that get it right, or mostly right.

What the death of Ontario’s green energy dream can teach other provinces about the challenges ahead

Ontario’s attempt at transitioning to green energy has left residents with high costs and saddled the government with billions in expenses trying mitigate the disaster project. Centralizing decision making with energy policy led to a spurned “social license” for renewables and the demise of that awful experiment.

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