Canada raises its Carbon Tax while others lower or axe it.

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Here are some stories that get it right, or mostly right about the oil and gas industry.

World to Canada: You’re raising your carbon tax during a global pandemic?

Aaron Wudrick and Franco Terrazano of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation ask the question, why in the world is Canada increasing it’s Carbon Taxes when other countries are either freezing their pricing schemes or getting rid of the tax completely? Even the province of British Columbia has halted it’s tax hike.

Even Norway, which recently dumped Canadian oil and gas equities, has reduced it’s tax rates on natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas to ZERO.

The COVID-19 pandemic and world oil price crash has been devastating for Canada’s largest industry, putting hundreds of thousands of Canadian jobs at risk.  Please use this form letter to write to your MP and other key federal politicians, to let them know that you support our energy workers, and think our government should support them, too.

Check out the letter here:

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