Anti-oil and gas crowd parading ‘death of oil’ mad that governments are choosing reliable energy.

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This is a news compilation setting the record straight on the day’s top stories about the oil and gas industry.

News Headline:

Disaster Capitalism, Alberta Style: How the Oil Industry and Politicians Exploited COVID-19

The Facts:

Anti-oil and gas crowd parading ‘death of oil’ mad that governments are choosing reliable energy.

News Headline:

Canada’s Imperial Oil says 50 birds died after landing on its tailings ponds

The Facts:

Activists will use this incident as another attack on the oil and gas industry, but Imperial Oil responded immediately to remediate birds they are able to save.

Here are some stories that get it right, or mostly right.

News Headline:

‘Oil is dead’: Elizabeth May, Yves-François Blanchet warn Ottawa against supporting Alberta’s oilpatch.

In an interesting turn of events, even the CBC found Elizabeth May and Yves Blanchet’s words to be birthed from delusional aspirations of a dead oil industry.

John Paul Tasker from CBC’s parliamentary bureau notes that:

“The collapse of the oil and gas sector would be devastating for the Canadian economy…

In 2018, the energy sector made up 10.6 per cent of Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP), with oil and gas accounting for 5.6 per cent of that figure. Oil and gas are the country’s most valuable exports and the industry sent $132.2 billion worth of product to markets abroad in 2018, according to Natural Resources Canada.

The industry supported 530,000 jobs across the country in 2017 and provided roughly $8 billion in annual revenue to governments.”

Have You Seen This?

REPORT: Team Canada for the Rebuild

Resource Works commissioned this report to compel Canadian decision-makers to seize  the opportunity of this enforced pause to consider appropriate public policy to strengthen Canada’s advantages while repairing the structural impediments that have held back the country’s progress in recent years.

One the suggestions includes that the Government of Canada should ensure that construction on TMX occurs expeditiously to employ as many Canadian workers as possible

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