Anti-Canadian hydrocarbon groups spend more money in Canadian politics

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The Toronto Star published an article on July 31st about foreign money in Canadian politics titled “Big Oil is the real foreign meddler in Canadian affairs”

In this article, Ms. McQuaig alleges that “the vast majority of this money — by a margin of about 10 to 1 — is spent by the fossil fuel industry.”  

This is FALSE.

Here’s a very recent FACT:

In July 2019 according to Facebook’s Political Ad Library Report for Elections Canada, Almost four times as many anti-Canadian hydrocarbon groups were advertising political messages and outspent pro-development groups by more than triple.  Many of those progressive groups take U.S. money.

Ms. McQuaig makes big claims but doesn’t actually show us the money.  Unlike Vivian Krause who has meticulously shown us not only who got the cash but which U.S. groups it came from.  The facts are that anti-Canadian hydrocarbon groups spend more money on Canadian politics and have no problems accepting money from the U.S.. 

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